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Gift Box - Double room
& continental breakfast

352.00 €

Gift for 2 persons

La Cabro d'Or opens it doors to you for one night. Come and enjoy the beauty of the natural setting during a deeply relaxing stay.

Gift Box - Oenology package

692.00 €

Gift for 2 persons

Discover the vineyards of La Vallée des Baux and an olive oil mill during your stay at La Cabro d’Or.

Gift Box - Relaxation package

672.00 €

Gift for 2 persons

Near Les Baux de Provence, a medieval perched village, discover La Cabro d'Or for a relaxing stay in this enchanting setting.

Gift Box - Gastronomic savours package

686.00 €

Gift for 2 persons

Our Chef Michel Hulin trained in some of France’s most prestigious restaurants, where he acquired a culinary expertise that he continues to enrich year after year.